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My laptop way long time old now 

Purchased in year 2011 

This laptop has given me a great time of usage like I used it from Windows 7 to 8 to now at 10 and it’s running Damn fine no problem 

Only thing it can’t run is heavy games. Which I am not interested 

Well it can run software like  adobe  catia  cad  and office and some other small big utility softwares too

Only video rendering is bit slow for video size upto 1 gb else or do most of the work fine 

For me is more like my download and upload centre only use it to watch movies stream videos and read articles 

It’s configuration are good for ideal laptop 

My laptop battery is dead since like 2 years now  earlier year I used laptop with dead  battery  now I use it on direct ac without battery and it works fine 

No heating issues be yeah only fan makes to much noise when to much processing going on it 

Well I removed is battery, optical drive,finger print scanner,speaker just to see how far I could make it light its a metal Chassi and weight more that. 1 kg not very handy 

Well this laptop can’t handle 4k videos of iPhone 6s and it jerks the screen 

But being an i5 processor. This laptop way aout powerany i3 processor desktop. Of 2015 to 2016 that’s sounds cool because I want my laptop to just rip but it’s still runs faster than pc around me 

It’s 8 gb ram is something I feel is the real reason of it been still working fine