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Well I started playing Pokemon when launched ins USA

At start it was good and new way and exciting as the Pokemon we use to watch on the and now we could interact with them

It was nice but now after a month of Pokemon craze I don’t even play the game just update it as dere is nothing much exciting and new in it as we can’t play with other player And one needs to be always at some Jim which is not located near my house damn far far away

So no point of playing it

Well the game consume a lot of battery but it does not consume data like for a play of 1 hour during my morning walk my net data used was hardly 15 mb that’s cheap haha

It’s ok

But yeah that time I use to see lots of kids around me playing too and going in bush and around the corner of park to catch the Pokemon some people used portion and some other stuff to attract people around to catch Pokemon

Well I am off the game so I don’t have much updated post about what’s going on it now

I have too caught some Pokemon I’ll share them with u