Drama of 15 days over Where guys were told your vehicle emit co2 

(Girls/single moms/single aunties) your vehicle emit o2
Pollution caused by cars are more than 2 wheeler which made many volunteer cry when they saw people driving the bikes from cars on dere humble request not by crowding the vehicle with 5-6 volunteers at red light and calling traffic police to cut challans if found guilty (sarcasm)
Every day ads on radio tv where the chief minister of Delhi (muffler guy ) presented awkward back side to camera doing conversation ads 
And when all this was happening 



construction site 

Trucks at night 

And few polluting vehicles 

We’re over looked by the Delhi ruling party and allowed to pollute green Delhi (morning-night)
And dere supporters writing post on Facebook over how much pollution reduced 

Praising the mad CM in his stupid ads campaign and failed public transport disaster it caused across Delhi and the rate of decrease of PM 2 from 700-500 (whereas 100 plus is dangerous )

In air