• While I was travelling Delhi noida DND road I noticed a car polluting the city roads with dusty smoke from the engine 
  • And still driving it freely 
  • I took his photo and video 
  • Din’t knew what to do with it 
  • As no police car was dere to stop that  car or fine him not even the toll people checked it 
  • And then the car went away freely so what I did was I Twitted about it to the Cheif  minister and the prime minister and the vankiya naiyuduji That night with the picturing hope that  something might happen 
  • I am not that kind of crazy people just wanted things done quickly 
  • But as a citizen just wanted to give a try when we have all smartphones 
  • The city country is all smart these days 
  • Why not just share it 
  • Make people around me aware it 
  • I don’t know will it work or not 
  • Is it stupidity or not 
  • But let’s do it 
  • And I messaged about this incident to Delhi traffic police page 
  • And got a reply within 6 mins 
  • That’s was very satisfying that he’s you were heard 
  • About it 
  • I hope it’s not computer generated 
  • And things are genuine as it looks 
  • I will share u the post I got from them 
  • You can also play active citizen role and help the system with proof of traffic rules breaker 
  • Well I’ll try this again and come up with the new defaulted 

What they said was its better u act on that time 

But I don’t know why can’t they fine that car owner at his address if u have the proof 

Why just let it go because I informed u a day  after it 

If this kind of let it go attitude is changed I am sure people will follow it strictly