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When AAP talks for support from some one without knowing in public domain 

And that to with intention to break the other party with just a request in hope they will form new party and support them in the power to run government 

It is know. As political realignment because they say we never said we will give u money we will Bribe u we will give u some Benefits after support 


But if bjp said so that we doing political alignment it will will be horse trading 

It will be see they are fraud 

But when we say it’s very authentic even when we don’t let our supporter know this that we approached for talks

Cool and then their leader defend this with voice proof in public domain 

Question its timing 

Question been why garag leaked it 

Question why now when party in crises 

This is such a shame that such party is running in Delhi 

They should have talked about schemes for us and debate on its improvement

But we are listening to their debate of lies anti party politics crap this is shame and dip shit attitude specially when the leader is gone for leave for 10 days when party needs him more 

I personally think AAP drama has reached a whole new level with total dirty politics 

It’s true power change friend into enemy 

It’s all about power 

No clean politics 

No welfare 

Only selfishness to rise in party all by himself 

It’s not about accusing any party it’s about if u honest then be honest with at least your own follower and public that we did talked rather than saying that we were approached by so many parties for support and bribe with no proof 

When proof is Ian public why say is it real or fake 

Why defend it as if it was clear politics 

Why not accept it openly with real intention and meaning 

Why say it’s political realignment 

That’s the question to be answered 

What ever your party say it’s honest what ever other political party say its a lie and it’s an excuse to defend them 

The question asked by u to other party is 

Why is bjp hiding  this ?Is Dere any conspiracy?is Dere any plan to defame aap? Why is the PM not answering are they corrupt ?they dont do any talk public 

All sorts of silly excuse they make for others why don’t the AAP do every policy making public so that we know yes they are different when they hide facts the will still argue it with full honesty even when those facts come out in public and people start question them 

The main question is why the new members of AAP so eager to remove its own founding members 

And they say it’s hurting the party image 

I don’t believe it because every member who leaves AAP has a simple question why is party become one person centric .they all say it’s problem of party inner democracy and everyone accuse Kejriwal 

No one say other reason than this then why should we follow Kejriwal blindly when we can not question him or argue his policy public ally  

What good is AAP that it’s defend its failure in decisions by arguing about other party decision or others policy 

We ask them question and they will reply with question on bjp/ congress 

And end of the day the party which says we are clean gets dirt on it by saying first ask them on these topic then we will reply 

People like new member in AAP are just disgusting the leader of party that it made him be silent ok issue when dirt was thrown on the loyal person like yogender yadav and prashant Bhushan who stood with party even now they stand with it with smae question they raised for the leadership of party 

As an outside of the party I would not see any goodwill come to yogender and prashant if AAP lose election or the party goes in defeat they have given Dere time policy money and dedication for the party why would u ignore Dere request and try to kick them out just because new people running party are saying so ??

These stupid news more headline than the cricket and the Indian news than the sports news or the Indian developmt  news these days 

Now I wonder why people shift to Indian television stupid saas bahu tv shows and drain the GK they have got from news all over India