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There are four LED lenses. It detects your pulse rate. There’s also a gyroscope and accelerometer.

There’s leather, polymer, metal mesh and stainless steel strap options.

The first is made of stainless steel; the Sport comes with a aluminum casing; and the Apple Watch Edition is made of 18k gold.

He’s showing off the Astronomy face, which shows the Earth. Tap on the bottom left and it’ll fly you to the moon.

You can also zoom out and look at the solar system and see the real-time position of all the planets.

There are notifications, and you can choose which notifications show up on your wrist.

There’s a feature called Glances, in which you swipe up from the bottom and you can see info like meetings, weather, stocks, world time or music player.

Maps are also here. Swipe to pan around, and zoom out with the crown. The demo shows a very responsive map.

Siri is built into Watch, so you can press the digital crown and ask what movies are playing tonight, and she’ll respond with a list of movies, which you can scroll with the crown or use the touchscreen and swipe through.

The bottom button is called Digital Touch, which brings up a list of contacts. When you go into that contact, you can tap or draw shapes, which gets sent to that contact.

City Mapper gives you transit directions. Pinterest reminds you when you’re near a pin; BMW lets you see the charge level of your car, and gives you a map of where your car is, and gets you directions back to the car; Honeywell, Lutron, Nike and so on.