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Avengers 2 reveled a 5 mins footage to. Comic con public it showed
That avengers are partying at stark avengers house with everything drinks and all around Thor comes up put his hammer on the table then steak changed the topic and say are u really worthy to pick that hammer let me try he and his friend Rhodes try to pick hammer without suit and with suit but failed then hawkey try’s It fails then Bruce banner try’s it he fails then our himym robbed try’s she fails black widow refuses to attempt as she is not interested. Then our captain America try he could just move the hammer a bit not pick Thor gets tensed suddenly ultron comes it and. Boom he and his robot attacks the avengers saying lets see who is worthy the first footage ends it’s been followed by hulk fighting the iron man hulk buster suit where he throws everything on him he throws a car at him and comes at him punching that car and breaking it on him next footage shows banner running on ice in Forest naked and then black widows banner holding hands then at last what it showed was damn
Iron man standing at top of elevated ground behind him all the avengers bleeding non moving as if dead and distract view said I am waiting with ultron back view and the footage ends
It’s like dark dark than dark knight