They never gave chance to goblin a reason to be in a movie even his gadgets they never shared it
Electro was never mad or confused in comics
As shown in movie
Rihno was a kingpin agent not a Russian mob who was running on street without a reason
Stacy died in comics too to give way for Jane Watson in Peter life
But Spider-Man gonna be a series of 5 why kill her in just 2nd movie
Even they edited the Watson scene from the movie just to bring her in next movie
They went deep in peter life and his enemies we’re left out without a background
Too many villain with less intro about them can just cause a khichadi
Ok u wanna show all villains which the previous movies dint showed or covered but why mess then 3 in one and the next movie will feature venom and even carnage
And final installment to feature 6 villain in one movie
Why creating a mess to follow avengers ??
Avengers are full balanced and every one has a background and link and standing
Really disappointed to see all focus on spidy and his love and his family
Not much about villain and their origin
Captain America 2 was a way better and interesting in story with less 3d effects this spidy flick