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its been an year since that delhi gang rape in school bus last year same day this December the worse incident took place and it effected everyone in Delhi and India and it was so sad to know what happened at that night .but the main question rises is that has it changed anything since then ?
has the rape number reduced?do women feel safe at night ?is delhi developing sense of respect for women ?do people take girls as toy to play or they give them equal power honor like we do to all men ?do our judiciary has solved rape cases quickly ?do we trust our system ?has government done enough to give everyone security ?
well some will agree some may not but its true the answer to above case is no or we dont know but why is it so why have we not made our surrounding safe for women why we fail at every steps why ?
if u noticed last december since that rape incident the whole nation was against it youth came up protesting everyone felt the same pain sorrow like her parents everyone came up they knew that if now or never we need a change many tv shows did shows many movies came up with this issues twitter was full with suggestion with hope to educate people many groups came up politicians did for some it was really important issue for some it was the need to change system for some it was just for outing to do something new for some maybe few they just came like that which was not a good but people who really wanted a change and safe for women it was really now or never situation .yes we did we influenced the government and they came up with some measures like buses with light at night buses with private guards bus with no black glasses with no curtains on delhi road..
it might be good but not that effective .
but one thing most of u might have known that ki uske baad se no one has come forward to such incident happening in delhi or india and delhi gang rape was not the only rape which happened it was just a one part and since then so many rapes happened gang rape in car school or even home some sexual assault etc.
news channel just showed it for few days maybe just 3 days max news column just showed it a day and fir kya nothing happened no one in india cared no one came up against it no one why ?maybe everyone said we ahve done enough of protest ,its not in our state its not out business ,govt will not change ,rape cant be stopped ,we dont have time to be social worker ,we don’t need to concern it ,or we just lsot hope that it is part of system ….its sad to know that people really dint supported such rape issue no one came and in few days the news for old and moved on and no one cared how the victim of that rape been treated how she was what will happen next to her what should we do to make her fight justice no no no one came ….everyone has their reasons
dont u think we should have done something or the system but no we moved on to cricket corruption politics election news .
i think after what happened in delhi the rape should have been stopped in India people should have not done it people should fear death sentence but no its not the story rape in cars at night at day this is true sad story ..
politicians says they will insure safety they will take actions but these are just words has ever any politician said i will take fast until the case is not solved i will solve the case in 2 weeks i will give justice to people and work for it no they dont just ask them how they will say we will when our power come we will do bring more cops women cops more police vans but these are just words .they just do this to divert main issue of justice just political favor why don’t they come and say i stand for the victim i will make sure for her aid no they dont but yes they need issue to blame the party in power and blame game starts .
even now girls at night prefer private cabs than bus which is expensive but still safe.their are no cctv cameras in many buses only the cp area is a bit area with cops around other sides of delhi cops dont sit at night they sleep .
but how can we change the system >?even educating youth is not enough their are always some unethical people who dont respect girls who dont care about girls they dont honor respect girls they still eve tease girls publicly at night even try touching them in public which is shame.
but most times now the girls in delhi are educated they know how to deal such situation they carry spice spray or some sharp weapons for protection that is good.
its true its hard for govt to bring cops for every citizen but why not install cameras in delhi why not monitor it is it that hard ??
why not invest in security than on useless cops who sleep at night duty .

one should know that what happened on 16 dec was not the only sad day uske baad bhi many worse cases has happened for whom no one came up but just a news headlines or just a breaking news or just politician comment. tabh bhi people selfish thi abhi bhi people selfish hai the thing which suits to people people do that no one can change anyone bring support for them.
and people coming in support of 16 dec incident why dont u support other victims to who were raped after that.was their only nirbhaya only in india was the fight for justice was only for her not other victim why do such difference why not have same stand for all why just focus on 16 December black day why are not all rape taking place in india a black day ..
why rape of a reporter or a intern or highly cases the only issue we need to support why not the poor girl or lower section where rape take place taken as rape just because we dont care or it does not give trp why not people support them why forget them .
a rape is rape brutal or else we dont divide them support them by class our system has failed to stop it t change people thinking. a girl was rapped 16 times by 16 people a girl was made blind after gang rape a girl was raped in car around delhi a school girl raped so many rapes but not much news coverage no support by people for them no fight for them .
still our system takes years to solve case why not when u r medical test says u raped a girl why not straight away jail that basterd why feed him on bail do we need more evidence do we ween more evidence than that no we failt to understand that we say we trust system we will get justice by years but we will wow what a victory to system and torches to the victim .
this is how we gonna deal issues even when highlighted is it right i dont think so .fast track courts balh blah total myth jab is desh mie rape karne waalo ko saza milegi within 2 weeks tab lage ga ki kuch badlaav aaraaha hai na ki saalo mei eak verdict aayega aur fir that basterd go to higher court and still case lives on and on and he lives on bail wow …
poor system .
only rich get benefits
poor are neglected
middle class fights but he even retire when he cant afford it .
we stand no where in world at this issue we cant neglect it or look to such issue which are of high importance every crime is equal its not special treatment their is no favor all are equal in law but money dont let this gap be close .


i still dont believe we can sop rape in india until people understand it until we fear the law until we hate such people in society .until we respect girls
and nirbhaya is not a movie that tvchannels shoudld show it like one hour show aaye dekhiye humare saath 16 dec ki kahani waha yeah hua kaise hua kyu hua kisne kya kiya kisne kya socha we dont need that we know it everyoneknow it but tv waale trp ke liye show it like with songs graphics same baat call their parents on tv at different channels ask them to tell same story with tears and get trps matlab how can they take it as a show they showing it like a movie type with re creating that incident that is shame just remember that 16 dec rape aur toah koi hua hi nahi rape uske baad bus poore din ka show ban jaye isliye bus 16 ko woah issue leke aagaye hai baaki saal kaha thei baaki saal uss victim ke parents ko koi pooch nahi raha tha bus at that day just pay them to speak it public same talks on every channel .
feels sick to listen same talk in different way just show it like a movie to us to promote masaala laga ke emotional karne ke koshish kar rahe thei .

all want is that nirbhya was not the only girl of gang rape victim uske baad bhi itne brutal case aayethie jise inta highlight nahi kiya jise log bhool gaye so plz dont say 16 black day sad day bad day kyuki uske baad bhi rape hui hai ho rahe hai so itna simpathy mat do uss din waali ko just because aapne uss din support kiya tha aapne usse apne se joda tha aapne uske liye dooa mangi thi un sabhi rape victim ka socho jinke saaath yeah hua jinke saath yeah ho raha hai unpe kya beet rahi hai beet hogi so think for all dont just stick to 16 December delhi black day india is asahmed by such rapes throught india so pray for all those rape victim and curse the raper who committed such crime may he live in hell.

change your r thinking think beyond think a head not just stick to things that suits u .