Well I castes my first vote and it was a good feeling I contributed to choose my own government this time in Delhi.
Voting is everyone right everyone who is eligible to vote should vote and anyone who could not vote even having a voter is card due to authority mistake should file a case against the election commission for depriving v him from his rights .
As I went the poling booth their were few security guard a long cars waiting outside school of voters and a bit rush 6 polling rooms and many were above 45 and some young voters but I must say

The arrangement for voters were not good as u may say oh two officers distributing vote chits to the voters were their at my centre and this was a bit hectic one that only 2 officer to handle over thousand people to guide them
Everyone was surrounding them everyone wanted chit fast and go vote but their was mismanagement as the official was taking matter one by one some time a voter name was missing from the list it caused a more time waste for others and making others hyper for their turn no line or order one by one it was like if u handle ur if first he wil check he even said move aside come in front I’ll call the cops be in mine but no use as it was like come and go people many left for home as it was taking time even I was thinking so but I thaight my vote count so why not wait and go so I waited and eve my name was so e where else I the list I and to find my name and give it to him
Even the officer said its a work of 5 people and only 2 are handling so cooperate and so I could get that …..
But why not they put list half list on board some where in school on board just to make sure their is less crowd with chit make things smooth
Today is tech world why not just a computer placed to print chits instant in secure way when u entertain your id. Card number they could have make more easier for voter but thank go I came at right time just after me their was hi feline for vote around
If government organise such easily way for voter people would come and vote more even 90% tak but Mujhe yeah Bahut odd laga the arrangement it could have bee. Quick and easy why do the official have to search name then give the chit why not a computer to search Eastleigh print it out instant koi miss nahi hoga is se or u can even do is mention some where in school hate people of this numer if should make a line at this side rest this side could handle the crowd easily rather than di find vine and another so egging must be do e more to voter benefit and the officials too …
It’s should not be burden to the people or official to be on duty to vote or collect vote …..