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well its been a while since i talked about something that i have never written or shared to my blog.well we all know life that we live is limited its duration is limited which is just written by god or made by us but its been their no on is immortal except the god created earth.

from a birth of a child to its marriage to his old age their a big life span that he sees a time of good sorrow happiness joy love affection anger a lot of emotions that he goes through.u will agree no one’s life is like smooth road their are twist turns and dead ends and that’s how life goes on.u will never know that how time goes by how your close one move on your friends life change your surroundings change and sad thing is that you cant even predict it u just wait and let things happen.

but what u remember in all this fast life is your emotions your love your special moments  that gonna make u a gimps of smile to u .for instance i would like to share some of my moments that i still cherish about

its been 2 years since i have left my school i am almost like a grown up man i am just so so different as i was during school as a kid as school goer you dont have responsibilities in your life you free to develop at your own pace u just got a guide your teachers to take to ur high ends and yes i do remember my high my low and my worse moment sin my school time but what i do i always store those moments in mind soft copy and i always try to motivate my self from them when i am too high  or tooo  low to stand up.

yes like most of you even i hated some of my teachers as a kid yes we all do some or the other way but u know with time these hates never exist its just get washed up like sad castle with a sea waves and then u just don’t feel the same yes just like that now as an adult i feel like those moments when i got scolding when i got praised when i got awarded when i was punished it all matters to me now and remembering it makes me happy makes me think makes me improve my weak links and yes life is all about learning knowing yes i do. in my whole school time i got only 6 slaps from my teachers and its true fact i never got suspended for any disciplinary act because i respected and feared my school rules and principle badly.and when i look back why i did got slapped i find only 5 were geniun my mistake and one was like my friends mistake and so i was pulled as the victim so its buttock yes i accept things.and i never make it again and since then even till now i have never been undulated in any disobedience acts and i am proud of this fact.

i would like to share one moment with you as  cricket player at my school team i still remember this incident from my heart once playing a match batting second our team lost wickets and we were at low score i was send as the tailander by my coach to just stay their and let the innings stay long with our keeper been still their and so i went i was their for about 3 overs and could not face a delivery as i was taking run at every last ball of the over.so with my frustration i assume between a ball hit by our keeper i ran quickly to middle of the wicket but the keeper said no instantly even though he came few steps and so  got  run out our team all out and as we were going back we both tried to accuse each other for errror and when we reached our scorer table our team was watching it my captain said its okh be careful dont make it next but then my coach came straight on my head with angry face and said to me it was my dumb mistake why i ran when batsmen said no .he just scolded in front of everyone whole team was silent it was lunch break and so the worse was about to happen.he asked me to remove pads and stand a side in few mins i did that and then he asked me at high tone this was an act of a donkey and because of this we could not kept the day alive and so we had to deal with a heavy lead.he said this is 75 yrd circle(normal ground) and we all are going to lunch and start your head face rolling in front from here till whole ground around this.he made one of my team mate to keep watch on me and so i started rolling opposition team was also watching me thinking what was i doing then they came to know that i was the last  player run out many laughed at me some said jokes at me and so i could see them all going to the canteen side and i did that rolling and when i was completing my punishment i was so much emotionally break down that i started crying and so my fellow player said lets go i wont tell sir leave it but i was so ashamed of my act been punished by coach in front of everyone and a bit angry that i said no i will do it my shoulders almost scratched with rough ground mind almost twisted that i was like doing it and when i completed it i washed my hands drank some water and moved to canteen at that moment i just had started hating cricket like hell i never wanted to play it my fellow seniors and players tried to calm me down i was at 8th class when this happened my moral was down.at end of day i could not face my coach eye to eye even taught i took 2 wickets but i knew that was something as kid i wont get but as view of my coach i do. it was something that i needed it a punishment that would define my nature  …but i never hate my coach my sir for that incident because i know it was my foolish mistake and when u playing such mistake not under looked after that i was dropped for 3 matches as i dint came for training sessions but when i came back for training session i touched my coach feet as routine and apologized to him and he just said one thing make sure don’t run like donkey in any direction wait and watch and move on the training.

its true i never felt anger for my coach then and even now i treat him as my guru an Honorable respected person that when every i met him beside cricket i touched his feet with respect from heart.he caring a true sports lover for the game.

i always remember he was the one who asked me to taught me to bowl like shane warne leg spin i learned form him i use to bowl on turf on cement pitch and once i bowled a googly without knowing he praised me and said bowl again and again i was the only lef spinner at that batch most were off spin and pace.even now he remembers me i use to bowl leg spin and my name the most important because at cricket u get player come and go but he stll knows me and i am lot happy to know this.

it happened many a times i dont got to play dude to tight number of chances but what ever i did i gave my best .

once to told me always flight a leg spin make batsmen move his eye brows up and down not at the ball.he said look muthai murlidharan he sees his batsmen and his ball after deliver soo preciously by widening his eyes like tiger for his pray.just bowl close to the wicket close to umpire .some of these of his guidance i still remember he said always hole the seam with 4 fingers with gaps and just flight in air to turn .i do still remember him 

i also remember at 3rd class during training i and my fellow friend in a friendly match took a diving catch he quicky called me first and said after the match in front of team go and buy toffes for us and pur team clapped.i still do remember  that.

but the lesson i learned from this was that never ever leave respecting your teachers even though scold u shout at u at times but they care for u thats why they shout at you with love in anger.dont make a deep feeling of hate for them dont abuse them dont think bad for them it only depletes your memory .and since then when ever  i go through bad times a scolding from elder or teacher i remember that incident and my sports teacher and say i am not bad nor my teacher is i can be wrong and i needed to be corrected.i never lose hope or faith in my teacher guiding,because actual learning starts from the time you accept your teacher honor in your heart.

and ever since i never made my coach give  chance to give me punishment or shouting maybe i improved and  its true fact of my life that i wanted to share with you.

i have not met him since 2 years i dint got chance to play under his coaching but i know he will remain as cool and inspirational person to many player at my school as he was with yous because name does not live alive as long as your doing know and get to know others from doing not their background or name,  

respect your teachers 

your elders not from face 

not from words but dil se respect them it will be all