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Well I travels through this road and I must say its the busiest congested full traffic jam road specially through peek hours .
The road is already small but people park their cars scooters rickshaw everything out near the road making it more narrow both sides are full of shops and so more visitors more cars more jam and less space to drive .
Once u enter this lane of road no Turning back as u can’t even move or shift From one side if u do u will cause huge traffic jam as everyone is in hurry no one let u go first it’s that first me first me rest u can wait.
It’s a chaos situations must say horns beeping every where no peace or silence so not healthy place as in between roads their a lots of garbage thrown which I think might never been cleaned and people now used to it making a garbage stand in middle of road it’s unhingeni condition out their .
In between I will see people keeping g their cycle beside the devider barriers And most of all some rep their cloths to dry up in sun amazing people amazing acts .
In between u will see cows sitting moving or eating that garbage throw so u can get they also cause a jam as they take some amount of road no one moves them away no one stop them from eating from garbage no one care no one complaint about this to mcd no one have time to actually they are use to it .
And so as we move further as the colony area start it get worse as more traffic from Both sides and and some great people park cars in wrong way in middle of road letting very less space to others u see terrible arrangements to manage traffic .
People in between cross road like as their will no one see or wait for car to pass through its like I want to cross as my will u have to stop . So no traffic lights working. Co edition it’s all in a dead state no traffic police constable and if he is present he lets thing go on his way .
I wonder how much fuel get wasted to just cross these roads from one side to another everyday that too and during rain things get worse .
But in all this u will see many politician poster saying humari sarkar humare neta humara waada and all it’s like I think these politician don’t even come to these places after getting elected but still they won from these location .
There is I sign of development in this area but only. Chaos all around with bad smell all around pretty bad condition I must say mcd can’t make Parking here nor could cleans these street nor could move cows from road sides or could make better drainage system but they can put tax on car bikes roads and shop on u and even fine u but can’t develops or even clean this area so why don’t people protest ordeal h their voices to those def ears . Maybe their is so much corruption out their that u don’t need to do anything money talks and shut up and so I must say do t travel theses roads by car for sure or u will be stuck in jam for an hour . This is a problem of population sanity of the area more people less space and so it will only increase from now not decrease and in few years god knows what will happen to traffic here misery will increase only . g