why we pray god when he can kill those innocent 1000′ s  of people worshiping him at his gates …..why we pray him when the greedy evil people live long compared to the innocent person who do his worshiping regular……there is so much pain and suffering out in world where kids dont have food to eat clean water to drink but corrupt have enough to waste food and make a shelter from the poor hard work……why we spend so much money in donating to temple to when we can provide a mean to poor family ……..why we pray god when he says that everyone has to follow the circle of karm but he can take life give it as his will when we say lord hanuman is saver of his followers he provide strength and aid them from danger but what happened in uttrakhand where man had no control so much suffering to million of people connected to each other at once wasn’t lord watching it but no god came in front no one for the name theeir are 1000 of gods in religion and still they just let new born kids old aged grandparents a young boy who just started to know what is religion some sons some daughter everyone just washed out with so much suffering at once and still we say worship god he will do thing fine .who will ans the ? to those family who lost their close once their originality was it their all karm so bad that they had to been punished was they all had done evil sins that they had to be killed separated from their loves once ..we human cant do anything we were born with greed born with selfishness and so we do other favour for our mean not in name of god some might it but i we dont get answers from god for all our questions why he put us in this karam bhoomi where suffering is at every corner .kids been beggar kids haveing no parents kids born orphan old people walking lonely in search of shelter old people suffering from sickness old people whose kid throw them away for property for their shitty acts why dont these evil been punished why do we have to wait for everything  good to happen in years why not as per our sins why a good sin paid at times when u dont need it why do we have to suffer from pain and misery why   do we need to ans god when he cant ans our ? when he play our life as his will on name of karm and this karm theory is usless to those who dont believe in god and still fail in life they dont have any one to blame to pray to cry to they fix things them self but other side we pray when we are in misery some do some regulatory do but this not the way to treat everyone why its said u haev to make god happy for his blessing when god can test your life in name of lession when good things dont stay long but bad things take time ti go why do we pray god that now the pandits most of them around are getting corrupted they pray god not faith but because they have chance of getting some money they  dont fear god and its truth u see any highfy mandir u wont find the poojari their treating you equally he will first look your personality first then your donation then he treat you according to that he might say chalo chalo aage badho time irf tumahre liye hi nahi hai but if a rich guy comes he will say sir aap araam se darshan karo i see this and i know i taste both things and so these people dont fear god they thinking of status when a priest dont have any difference in mind for any god follower so what happened at god times was something different than now current century even if you are a good earner have a good salary you wont think much helping others as you yourself need help to survive so u wont do much yes its everyones thing everyone attitude but a true a geniun worshiper wont do anything like this he would die himslef serving the oone needy but no one does this .

the problem is that we all know we all can twist facts according to our need and desire can manipulate others which is wrong and we should know we have to face god one day but we dont . 

religion is a mixture which cannot be changed corrected but can be used as tool to rule many 

no one understand religion because its so so complex that u ultimately think away from the reality and question things and when when u do u dont get answers and you stay numb and move on but this doubt still pinch u some day when u in bad times but when things go good u close ur eyes and forgot the misery which is wrong one should ask question and never let religion escape so easily without a justification .

i am sure that everyone take faith in their way follow religion their own but if u go deep in it asking things observing it you will find yourself in a trap with no answers but just questions…………….