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its all on the news channels that so and so many people died in cloud burst flood in uttarakhand and its very sad to know its very very true .i been in delhi feel very sad for those who lost their loved ones uncle aunts mom dad grandpa dadima its very sad deep in my heart i feel sorry and hope god bless their sole and help them out of this disaster now and in future .1000 people missing and many crore of damage to infrastructure homes to poor people many shops shelter destroyed in seconds .

the flood was so hard so fast that anyone in front of it was just a sec away form death.cars cranes,building bridges,roads everything swept away.

poor kids missing many more still unidentified..

but what lies now is that could we have stopped this disaster from happening and the answer is NO and YES .

if the population would have not made risky unauthorized homes shops near the risk prone area area near the rivers or area near landslide zone this could have not happened .

if the police have made a proper arrangement of record of tourist and visitors to the uttarakhand kedarnath temple this would have not happened.

if the roads were made of proper materials this would have not happened,

if the government had not allowed so much cutting of trees in name of development this would have not happened,

if the common man had not been greedy to make expand house to 3-5 floors of house in hope of PJ or rest place this would have not happened,

if the illegal drilling of mountains were stopped

if the river ganga not been damaged with pollution

is proper designing of roads and builders contract been monitored regularly this would have not happened ,

but u know when god hit it can vanish any big strong to strong building home office road hotel no one can stand it .if u see the kedarnath temple earlier was surrounded by nothing it was all alone in peace and nature around it no noise no pollution no building but only prayers by followers worshipers but soon it changed to people crowding with building homes and hotels.

but now what stands this whole uncontrollable flood is just the kedarnath temple which is 1000 years old and now it can be in peace its their what it was back 50 years back.what happened is all what god did no one can do such disaster its the god he can give things and he can take back if he feels its been against the nature law but not in this form of so much misery death missing people this is not what we want or god wanted but a message is to be send to the world to the nation to human race that no one is superior than our mother earth and no one can live in peace for longby damaging the earth.we should respect and love care the mother earth for its gifts.

its sad that so many people lost dead in this act but i feel why the people who came from so long so far to worship the god why they are treated to death pain misery why did god this to the innocent traveler it was not to be in their destiny to die the old age people who just came to see the god almighty worship it those new born kids young kids who just came to worship with family in hope god can give a lot if u worship him but their loved once dead many separated is this what destiny of 1000 s or people is was it in their luck to die like this so many people together why god did this i dont know why a temple area hit with somethign that only gods create god sees will it give peace to god with the cry mourn of those who lost everything in this flood or god wanted to teach them the meaning of life harsh reality .family of people who took their old fathers mothers to this holy place was this the justice dont to them for their good deed .why god why u did so this question pinches me evertime i think how much pain is the people going now yes i agree u were angry u need a message to be said but why kill them all why that to at your home ant your rest place all the bodies alll around it dead buried people crying people blood what will it give u i just wanna know this answer why the almighty killed innocent people .was it all their in last birth sins that they all had to die or this year sins which they had to pay .yes people god greedy but that was some not all not those young new born kids those old lifes those caring sons daughters why god why .??????????????????????????????????

some question in this world are to be kept with ous but answered with time

i just hope that pray that people do get food shelter and medic on time and we could save some few lifes and make them fit to face this disaster find their loved once re build the place but leave the kedarnath in peace with not much construction just make it that much which do not interfere the earth movement .build back raods build the houses which got struck in mud mourn for the loved one loss give them help support not assurance .

i know the god is watching this from above and see how the human race deals this problem of misery with harmony but with pain and i hope he does not do this more in future and we the people do get this in mind and respect the nature and do not move on ignoring the earth need in name of pleasure and development because we cant kill our mother in hope to build new family.

may god be with them all and give them strength faith

god bless them all

jai mata di

om namo shiva

jai shri ram