as a smart phone freek i have used a lot of smart phones…..
but the only thing i like is iphone or apple products because its products are world famous and customer oriented ….
where as the Samsung products are much like profit making or just selling type product they give u a lot of features on air but actually from the use point of view only few of them works….

if u have noticed that both the company are rival like hell both want to take over other but area where apple lose samsung is the variety with budget like Samsung apple dont have much iphone variety or any diffrent models with varing range it has just a satrting model at 45000 rs and top model at 60000 rs and so no choice for customers.

samsung on the other hand a lot of product starting at range of 2000 rs to 50000 rs for everyone and so its largely expanded in the world market .

so its like Samsung has a point for it in this case.

but if u notice apple which is usa based its main hub is usa and now a bit china it dont want to give anything for free any service for free but want ti just get popular..
its accessories are too much expensive but yes they have a good quality but not all people can afford it .where as in Samsung any headphone an cheap accessories will work but it ownt be that good for use.

so in this case apple has a point

when most of people compare as market capital sale Samsung will always be high as it sell any product of its brand regardless its quality or features .people buy them just for the brand and some to hack it for apps or games etc but apple dont have much market share as it because it dont feel making profit first it thinks for service then profit dont charge a penny extra dont bargain dont change but keep constant  so its share is limited ..
if u say by this that Samsung is the most famous brand yes ur right but as per customer satisfactions it fails in many way so stop saying that Samsung is leading company with so and so share.it sounds stupid.


i have used samsung products and i must say that at first it works great but soon within months start hanging slowing down and its a history for u in a year .it feel s like it was just made to be used for some time and then u buy another Samsung product.
the android platform i dont get it really sucks because it so so simple plus boring u 
any Samsung product wont give u lifetime service but short term service and not everyone can afford to buy any mobile again and again in a year.
if u take Samsung any mobile at arange 20000 to 50000 it will run same android feature but the only  thing which might differ would be the camera mp or some processor or just some base less features like touch sensitive eye sensitive etc which is useless for  daily use so its like a waste of money .ya now days they started useing and making long screen just to show they are grand actually that sucks if u cant keep ur mobile in ur pocket whats the point of its grand screen when u fear that ohh something wrong might not happen .

where as in apple u have a single product at high price which u know is reclaimable of all the features it have its service is good its looks its screen just 4 inch sufficient for a user in hand nad pocket.light body a good processor and multi tasking games apps etc.and its much easy to learn it rather than android crap .yes its expensive thats a negative point but it works perfectly fine and smooth u can use same mobile for  at-least 2-3 years with ease   

but the error is that

in ios everytime a new iso comes with new model of iphone  it gets new features new task new interface but when the old phone gets new ios it cause many apps new apps to crash it makes system slow and dead and does not give apple feel u might feel wtf it is and might like to break it but its hard for u as it costed u a lot…

everything has plus and a negative but if u need just chatting msging and net surfing u just need an iphone not a Samsung for sure and dont go for ads features or new new  features the phone shows go for your use for long term use and best quality at ur budget such as camera speed warranty looks use etc.