Nehru place one of the best palce in delhi to find out computer stuff to buy one cool hardware or device ..its mostly crowded clsoed on sunday and does business over a crore everyday in trade and sale…..
but if u look at its condition its like hell shit the footpath is full of crap things i mean dust garbage and illegal traders selling goods.
the walking area is used by these traders for selling their t shirts mobile covers cloths etc which is just calling for a big mess as not just one trader is their almost 40 shops are their .dont know how they get licensed and how they working but something does not smells good to me .
the MCD people dont clean the walking area they just clean the dustbin everyday they are not responsible of cleaning the areawhat kind of body does this???

at corners u might find out food plates or some food stuff or u might find ac water falling form offices above which directly falls no where but causes water stoppage at the gutter area as the gutter are also not clean .

u might even find mosquitoes fly a lot .
yes their are pretty fast food shop their which run a lot as its a office area .they charge pretty handy as they know people hunger cant stop but their job can .
at every stair corner or any piller u might find the bloody spit of people after eating paan and they are such usless stupid uneducated people who does such kind of crap things spoil the clean places around u .
this place is specially not for women or girls to visit daily as the crowd is 70 percent men and in between some are working some are labour some are visitor some are student and some are eve teasers so not an ideal palce for girls to visit.
the police is no where to be found they come in acton early office opening time and later in the evening in between they sleep rome or do what every they are no where to be found.
so security is like for sake u have a police chowki a police bike and some 4 cops for the whole area wow thats how police do their job protecting people.
u might find some announcement speakers constant speaking over public awareness topic.
the parking area of the nehru place is is like epic they can store a thousand vehicle in a place without no area .i mean the parking are is so conjusted .if u want to keep your car close they the place is already booked to the business men for their brand cars like Mercedes bmw audi .and even u might find some other brands of car which are already reserved .
so they manage cars with some local people who took this job without any authorization and they send some collection to the authority and help people park cars .

the parking is so full that when u once enter in na u wont get a chance to move out your car easily as for that one by one the cars of other has to be shifted moved in and order to make a way for u .so this is how they say that parking is improved over the year yes it has bit actually its all illegal worked out.
i am sure that every time when u park a car in the so called area i mean on footpath or on road side u will find these car parking helper or parking area owners giving u slips saying 10 rs for an hour but what they cleverly do is that they give u a slip tourn away from the side which says 1o rs for car instead it will look like 20 rs which is ment for truck and heavy vehicles only .tehy do this con this regularly if u catch them they say its 10 if u innocent and yeah u dont they say 20 rs.why the fuck we pay u that 20 rs when no security provided no one watch ur car and yeah ur not even an authorized person ???why shall we do that??
but just u help to park our car form jam side to easy side we pay u that 10 rs which u ask for 20 by cheating ..
these slips they say are form the authority written and printed that’s a crap these slips can be made forma ny printing shop of any so amount u want .

so this a strange chalu thing about them.
security is not provided for anyone not a person not a shop not a car this is how things run their.

but its the IT market so how can everything be legal their yes the piracy things are always their u can get any illegal stuff at most of the shops in private .cracks are like selling every corner these people they call them self cd cd cd cd dvd dvd games games software software calls you set the price and sell things openly everyone knows even the cops the shop keepers but still the piracy is full on .this is how things are geniun in india where piracy is just every corner.if they the cops get call form above to raid they do and take these vendors pirated stuff and in a strict manner with force and soon release the stuff when paid heavy everyone has mutually understanding with each other and os the piracy ship never sunk never caught.
and then our Honorable supreme court says block the sites doing piracy of software music movies etc .when its own system ignore it by saying it cant be stopped as the network is so wide .

this is also part of incredibleindia and if u every visit this place do consider my points and u will see that change happens not here but only shit happens.
i collected some place pic u might wanna see that am i lieing or fake buts pictures dont lie.

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