I will be updating pics of Delhi metro and let u and all see how ease the metro is for people and how well it is maintained ….


guys i must say if delhi metro was the greatest the best thing that happened to delhi people but it is also the worse time travel that did
slowly DMRC is going all over delhi route its good they making people choose public transport more than private help many to save money and time help many to visit all part of delhi within mins …….but but it was all good when it was just started but now it seems as if they just ment to be in thinking and public posters or in words that its the comfortable way of travel …
i use to travel through metro more in my school time less now and i see the difference a lot difference

as the year pass by more and more passengers travel  by metro earning high and high maybe the most profitable organisation they might be in terms of running but the service is just the same u dont see much improvements still people buy tickets at counters waiting in line we say crowd a lot of crowd in office hour at evening hours that u might feel that where is the word ease of travel it more suffering than it seems.so people like me have stopped useing metro during this busy hours because i prefer comfort than a combustion of people around in suffocating situation.i am not that kind of person who think no no i have to be make it quick no i  cant miss this metro bogie no hurry up no i just wait and let the others i mean the crowded metro bypass and wait for a next .this is called the right way but only when u have time not in urgent situation.

i dont get the point why dont the metro people make sure that travel be ease they can increase the number of inlet \outlet machine at all counters currently at     station i find out that only 4-5 machine are their for this and u know i see a long lines around for this just for waiting to get in or get out during office hour and evening hours its a terrible pleasure.and why cant they get few machine when they have invested a lot why not in these small basic things….

DMRC should make it compulsory for all passengers to buy a metro card at least it would avoid clash and jam at the entry exit and make functionality more easy wont cause too much chaos .no long line to buy ticket no problem of change and money exchange at counters as most of the time line gets long as people need change or the officer need to get change he does not have and so they talk and cause a wait at the counter.educate people and prefer them to buy card it will help everyone.

the number of metro train are still very less the kind of bogie which should run are pretty short except the yellow line .this sound blizzard why the other lines dont get big trains when the travelers are all the same all around why do so discrimination and because of this   u see the station been over crowded which is risky as any one can get pushed down to the platform which is risky and not safe .and many a time this happened here in indian and abroad.


the security guard at the platform i see sometimes they are like checking stuff as if they are so so tired and they let people go like ese hi this happens during afternoon when they feel a bit lazy and they just let go peopel in a second even sometimes the xray machine  checking men seems to talk other officers and let the baggage go like that without alook that a bit unsafe things and i see this usually but why not u change ur position in hours basic so u be alert and not overlook your duty thats not the way things are done if u have to do something do it sincerly or dont just sit their let others take ur place .

if the body checker policemen feels embraced checking 1000 people ina day he should rather use a mouth piece to cover his mouth or gloves if he feels that sweaty people are coming at afternoon time not just do his duty by just standing their for sake this is not done use alternative not just withdraw your duty .
i think the authority can make it for these worker by providing them with respective resources and help not just force them to do that duty or not just make them dull not discourage them be geniun to them them after they all our true policemen protecting citizens.

yes the metro does mock drill to check everything in control thats good but these small things can ensure the staff is happy and so the organisation will be.

why dont the metro guys made those locking doors at the every stations which open when trains come and close when no train.

its a safe way for all it can improve safety for travelers in case of jam at station if trains are late.or they can put that on just the last and first station of metro where the crowd is always more and is difficult to manage. instead they put those security guard for name at the station ho whistle and make u move here and their  wese no one cares for them they ask people to be in line and so people dont care when the doors open this is such a stupidity i must say on those people why just they cant wait and let the bogie unload and then move in no bu t they have to just be like no no no i wanna go and grab that seat stupid people.

i see most of the time that people dont let the other side passanger in metero come out first they all be in hurry to go in they try to rub their body and move in hurry they create chaos at the exit or entry they are more like mob people because first you this is the policy we are taught in school education not be greedy and be devil to push and move inside and this is something these people dont get  in mind .this irritates me a lot cant say it pisses of me dude cant u let me out but i must say this is how an indian do it i wont see this kind of behaviors abroad everyone wait for time and then move security safety and  comfort is first .ok if u dont wanna do this then dont spoil public transport.these are manners not things to overlook.but a rush area like chandani chowk station or rajiv chowk or central this things are ussual i dont know why are these guys nuts that they push u and i see even thaugh their is no space in bogie some great people enter in and cause full chaos they like adjust karo adjust karo and no palce to put ur arm no palce to hold ur body but still they do this make others travel become like  hell experience i think this is not the way dmrc metro was designed for peopel it was developed for much better purpose.so plz if u see such chaos avoid it and wait for other train if not in hurry and be gentle respect the authority others and travel with ease and comfort not spoil other travel with pushing abusing eve teasing at the station.be mature travel safe.