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Today just visited chandni chowk for some work….this was my 5 trip this place and I must say nothing  has changed much out their must say the traffic is same the damaged roads damaged footpath and beggars everything the same their and so it was not surprising for me about that place.


I have no clue what the Delhi MCD is doing work their as the condition are not even better but under average as poor sanitary facility poor drainage poor safety poor parking lots terrible place for stranger to visit it .

some key defects I pointed at chandni chowk are like :-


1 ) densely populated area
most of you who have visited the area would have noticed that the the chandani chowk area it self has a population of about more than 20 lakhs.everywhere you see u will see people and people no place to stand because the crowd is so large they will jus  move on and push on .the number of shops small or large are so much that you get so much congestions.even though these shops provide work to many but most of them are not well planned they have lost of lot of items but not much place to keep them but its up to them but yes it does cause inconvenience to the buy.every small street which goes deep in to the market is full of crowd.


2) roads cum parking roads more

the roads at chandni chowk are already small not that big but u see they are occupied by the cars and auto rickshaw like as if they are parking space provided by the MCD but actually they are not they are just the locals out their who has made their right for parking for them they are authorized to park in front of their shops and so they shrink the actually size of road more which is already small.because of this there is huge traffic jams out on roads as when one car has to park our move out it has to turn right left back and cause the traffic for a hold and so the place is not suited to visit by personal vehicle or u you would just wait their in your car place horn and horn I can say this I have visited once with da their and it was a terrible experience since then I have preferred public transport like metro .




3) the footpath is more like a meeting hub for people and a place to spit for free

if u see the the footpath it would look like as if they are never ever cleaned by any one for years and its almost broken its size is small plus you will see every where urine spit and tobacco stuff all on walls and tiles a difficult place to walk out for even these who want to travel without vehicle.you will see lots of people sitting on footpath some selling stuffs some chatting with each other some sleeping some just spitting and some busy people just walking fast you will will see every type of person their some with family and some with work load on that small area called as footpath which is already in terrible condition.so you can imagine such a rush but its like everyday from morning till night the area is full of crowd.

4) traffic lights are useless …

its true that as the roads are small and vehicle are more there is a system of red lights installed at this place and it is for just for a say.no one follows traffic rules I mean the people on road not the car drivers. most people walk on road side not on foot path as it is heavily crowded so to save time most people walk on rad side and so they don’t care that a car is coming or not they just show their hand cross the road in style and like its their birth right and this just not happen at some place but its like this happen every traffic light in between road at moving traffic and everywhere .this cause traffic jams sometimes and cause slow movement of traffic .for your own good why would u like to risk your life to cross a road and cause jam on roads I have no  clue about it.it much more depend on people mentality and approach which varies from person to person .

5) metro station in terrible mess

most people travel by metro to chadni chowk and most people do use metro but I must say the condition of metro station at chadni chowk is like hell you would see lots of people in line lots of them to buy token and some searching on chart to their destiny some selling good some beggars some travellers everyone and all of them just at the station and it never is empty the crowd increases as the day progresses and the walls are full of tobacco spits and dirty no one never cleans it. at night this station is place for poor people for stay and so the condition are worse than any other metro station seriously you fee like metro came to change the place daily working but the place changed the Delhi metro daily way.the guards number appointed at these places are so small that they cant handle such a large crowd and so they let go things on their hands and watch it at a side.the place is less dirty compared to the footpath area but you will admit it that it is not up to metro standard.

Old Delhi_Chandni Chowk

6) the hanging wires in the gully are still like as they were 30 years back

its not strange but you will see electrical wire main power supply wire all around chandni chowk area .and its like pretty messy dangerous on a rainy day . most of the local people are now use to it and don’t complain as  they don’t fear it and its all ram bharoose (gods will) their life is going on their.plus the area is so densely populated that not easy to solve the wire jam or place it accordingly .god knows that will this wire mess ever be cleaned or not.

7) no cops in whole market

I can bet on this that you will not find a single cop within a 90 m range because there is non people don’t have place to live stand their how can we expect cops to perform their duty their.if they are even present they cant just check or keep an eye on people as its impossible to keep an eye on 2000 people when you are just in 30 in number.no cctv cameras to monitor daily activity no sense of security.if you are new and get lost or in problem no cops to help you because you are on your own and so you will be like why I came to this place.so its not a place to guy in couple but in group of 5 at least you could say I am a kind of protected in your own mind.

I wonder why mcd has done at chadni chwok market since its been formed its not run by mcd but by locals over their.MCD comes on time to take tax to take vote every time but not to solve this crowd this messy situation problem cant provide brad roads cant keep the place neat and clean from urine from garbage from leaking roads from the unauthorized parking from beggars from better walking footpaths .

most of Delhi people say chandni chowk is the oldest part of Delhi its so much famous its like best place for a tourist from outside Delhi to visit once but no one say its problem its difficulty faced by people its messy condition because most of them never visited the place don’t feel proud of talking these things.

but till the time these small big problems are not solved by authority chandni chowk would never develop like other parts of Delhi.