Every day around Delhi where ever you go may it be central Delhi south Delhi north Delhi east Delhi you will find lots of traffics for hours and hours and guess what u might  see some places with traffic police constables but still u will see lots of traffic jam….we really cant blame all to the system but blame it equally because traffic is not just one person fault but many people stupidity …..
watching and moving on Delhi roads every day I pointed out some points that leads to traffic jams or even accidents everyday


1) most places you wont find traffic lights working …

at many points you will not see traffic lights in working position its just that you will see that they are installed at the position but not working some places u will find traffic lights installed at wrong places where they are not located by the drivers and so cause confusion.the traffic lights are not even checked by the respected office nor they are automatic worked they re just worked manually by a near by traffic constables which is very wrong thing .


2) no yellow light in the traffic lights…

its very strange fact that we are taught by our school in primary classes that red yellow and green are the parts of the yellow lights they function in an systematic way and red means stop yellow we get set and green means go but now a days u will see it like just red and green its like stop go stop go which is totally wrong we don’t know when the lights goanna get green when its goanna get red it like it create confusion a car in speedy way don’t know when to stop its like driver have to just drive by traffic light and if in between its red suddenly u have to stop or u will be fined of jumping red light this is something which most of you will see on Delhi roads that yellow light is always off only green and red works..don’t know why the traffic department never removed yellow light from the equipment when it does not work its like stupidity we teach something we do something else …

3) the clock indicating the duration of traffic light is misinterpreted by the drivers….

you would have noticed that at some places these digital clock are installed and these are to make sure that every one knows how much time they will get to wait at red light or to go by red light but but this is interpreted wrongly by most of the drivers when the clock starts at red it means one should wait and shut their engine till the red light is on and when this red light duration is about to end it means that one should start and be ready to go this is right way and this same should be followed during green light but in green light one should drive pass the traffic light until the time is their but most of the time when the duration on green light is about to end and most driver driving not just stop if they know they cant cross the light in time they in place accelerate and try to cross the green light and because the rule says if u r in between the crossing road and suddenly the light becomes red you are not charged with penalty so they these driver do this every time and because of them they causes huge traffic jams all over because when others green light comes they will move forward and when they do they cant because thanks to some stupid driver who in hurry try to cross the roads block them in the middle of the road….and when the other side light becomes green the driver whose green light got over because of other driver they try to cross the road and cause confusion because everyone is impatient everyone just want to go not stop and wait and so this confusion every day causes huge jam on roads…
why don’t they understand that one should stop his or her car when u see green light duration ending and u know u cant cross the traffic light one should stop at zebra crossing and show some decently and respect to the traffic rules because everyone will get chances to drive freely with rules on road and u will have ur time to cross the traffic light never do so much urgent act when there is  no need of it.


4) according to the rules every traffic light their should be a traffic police constable handling the traffic but they aren’t …

actually the number of traffic police constable in Delhi are very less as per the required number.most of the time traffic police would only come in action when there is some minster rally or when some mister mla has to pass by some road and they need to create free way for him when they are ordered from above to clean up roads before an event near that place but u daily u wont find them at public service but at minsters service they re ever ready.traffic police should be monitoring the traffic activity but most places they are absent or they are found sitting in corner in hope some driver make mistake and try to get some penalty or some bribe form them or they make taxi stand near by it the hub or they just comes in action when they see large traffic jam is their but they are not loyal to their duty actually they re paid less their work load is more so they try to avoid difficulty because easy work is better than hard work so just chill at near by places sitting on chair talking to each other having tea pakdoa and showing yes we are on duty and we are watching you …this is how they deal  the traffic according to need and ease but not according to public needs.


5)there are  no strict rules to deal current traffic rules breaking..

as per supreme court they increased the penalty charges sum to a bit high they tried to create fear in driver about disobeying traffic rules would cost them more they tried to show that they care about the city but actually its not helping much but helping them to get cash directly from bribe by the drivers.with increase penalty most sensible driver would not try to break rules but follow it more because they fear the cash penalty but those rich and powerful people would not do the same for them they break rules even now and what if u are guilty of 1000 rs fine they will use their political contact and get away make a call and so the constable will salute them and leave  them at no cost others who not that powerful will say sir take 200 and leave me or max 400 and leave me and get away so its not helping the city but the constables tummy.making the penalty sum high wont stop traffic offenders but be loyal to you duty can make them stop.don’t let any politician background or relative person get away or anyone guilty but still showing their contact power should not be left at so easily but double fined and stop taking bribes say no to it and treat everyone equally one who is on scooter and one who is  Mercedes .


6) there are no traffic cameras on roads….

in most countries u will see that traffic police control the city traffic by cameras installed at roads and monitors the movement of traffic but in Delhi u will see camers installed at only area of high security high importance and are where they are MP mla resident  actually its cost of installment is high but why not make a budget once install it once and just maintain it these camera could help u to regulate traffic more smoothie than been sitting their and eating chatting it can record movement any one who jumps traffic light car would be photo clicked and it’s a very good to show proof that yes u broke a traffic law.it would make driver aware that yes if I jumped I will be charged heavy because I am been monitored its very good way to reduce traffic law breaking but everything about this depends on the department who is handling it their major actions.


7)Delhi is been divided in area wise duty ….

you will se that when u drive in central Delhi road at any time in day or nigh u will se that traffic constable on duty traffic police vehicles near by road side u will see them performing duty regularly and even though there are traffic jam some times u will always see them working and directing the cars that’s very good because that how they should functional cross Delhi traffic you will see cameras installed at traffic lights and a better way traffic is directed but when u  move to ward east Delhi north Delhi or outer areas of Delhi u will never see this kind of duty or even constables at traffic light if they do they will not perform it properly and u will see huge jams on roads what can we say in this ok we know that central Delhi is a very vvip area and need proper security  and proper monitoring but why not do the say every part of Delhi why not be equal to public than to those vvvip s the day traffic department equally treat other areas in Delhi equally will be the day that we have a smooth traffic on raid and less jams on road.they should make a plan outlet to deal this increase number of traffic police department in these areas regular check the status of traffic movement  in these areas rather than just focusing at VIPs areas.

8)most driver don’t have civic sense…..

if u driving on Delhi roads u will surely come to se see some stupid driver who don’t drive in their lane do wrong over taking do rash driving put  lots of horns without any reason be in hurry be in angry mood abusive mood for me these people are jerks and stupid not less than fools with foolish acts..I see mostly such people parking in their cars in short roads almost 6 meter wide roads at sides and go out for work or wait even knowing this that they are so many cars behind u or knowing it will eb not easy for other to overtake ur stopped car easily they will still park the car in small roads  and go away.
you would have seen auto waala stopping in between in running traffic at side of roads in waiting for the travellers and cause huge traffic
at outside metro station you will see  line of auto and they will not be lien but in a hub and traffic jam the traffic coming form the back they will stop any where at any place when they see a traveller is this a sensible thinking that u cause traffic jams because of your stupidity.not even traffic police constables stops them by doing so this is such a messy situation.
while driving on roads one should see ones own interest plus the interest  of the others also u can be mean and drive as u wish drive in your lane use indicators and drive at suitable speed and stop honking without any reason on roads be good to others on road and always make sure anyone crossing a road should be given preference more than anything let the pedestrian cross the road if there is not much traffic in proper way that  just honing and moving fast on Delhi roads.
one should never drive in angry mood and never attend a call in driving make your car stop aside of road and then do call not do both things a time it will insure ur safety and others interest to .


9) there are no parking space in Delhi areas….

most of the time you will find that people don’t have parking space in your locality but still they will buy luxurious cars and show off I call them nut case if u don’t have space to park don’t buy huge cars.its not always important to buy cars for fun or for showoff buy cars which are helpful to you daily and buy with your needs if u have 4 adults at home its not important to have 4 cars for everyone 2 is sufficed into his case but in Delhi people don’t have big house to live but yes they will buy a brand new car wow this is such a act of stupidity and does not make sense.at most markets you travel famous markets the main problem you will se is that u will not find suitable space to park your car u will end up parking at someone else parking or on road side causing the already small road width to decrease more and cause traffic jams.
the MCD should provide parking space underground parking multilevel parking at places they find that are busy  daily and lack parking space leaving it on people hand wont make things better one should try to make plans arrange area try to make it useful than just waste land for roadside vendors..the initiative have to be taken by the MCD only to make things better for public rather than just sitting on post and eating samosa drinking tea daily and just signing contracts bribing do something effectively because in this case the public cant do much as the one in power.

(if we take indirectly huge traffic jams cause huge cars to waste lots of fuel and waste natural resource for just to move in jams and we all know resources are limited resources will end someday these poor traffic arrangement and handling wont help the public not the environment for which we care a lot solving traffic problem in city in a state is basic mode of solving environment problem and contributing to mother earth )


10) most of the roads are with cracks under construction with holes with leakage from gutters some are in very bad state…..

not every road but yes most roads in Delhi are in poor condition and this is not just one department fault but u can say that for some work the worker will break a fine road make it look like big pit of hole they will dig the road and just do their work for time and just move on they will not the make the road clean and same as again as it was before they will say our job was to fix the pipe we did and the one responsible for road work will rebuild  the road and for months you will see the roads just like that open and in bad shape until unless the elections are near or some rallies is near that place that road will not be repaired until that time and the drivers will have to drive carefully as the road could sink in rainy day at that weak area . u see that most department can break stuff in quickly than repair stuff they know all medium to break the roads dig it up but not fix it ..and the general public have to suffer as during construction period it cause huge jams and after constructing it will cause huge jam again due to uneven roads..

not all countries face this problem and if they do they do change the people dictating the system rather than the system it self so we should look them and compare and improve the present system

11) the concept of zebra crossing is gone with the wind

in school we studied that cars should be stopped before zebra crossing and let the pedestrian walk by to cross road but in reality u would have seen that driver stop their cars further more than zebra crossing they just don’t care about the rules in other part of the Delhi but at central Delhi they just stop before zebra crossing because the security traffic police at central Delhi is strong and they will be fined if they do so see only Delhi which follows rules of traffic police Is the central Delhi only or u can say the fear makes them to follow it else outside central Delhi not everyone follows it nor do the traffic police check it regularly they feel lazy to just fine for 100 for this thing because getting a bribe in this case is like very less …if u actually relate stuff u read in school than the one u see others following it it will be like why did I read that crap and perform in awareness drama in school when u never actually follow this…

its true u cant change the system but system can change you in Delhi

( these are my views  made by me after seeing the traffic handling by the traffic police noticing the right and wrongs by them. coming out with points I think could have made a difference in the system you might agree me in some and in some not but I have to say what I have to and I must make clear not all traffic constables or officer take bribe not all are corrupt and neglect duty but some do and their works shows it I have full faith in system but not that much with the ones dictating it . I only feel that we can improve in our traffic system if we try to do something then just laying out plans for our future generation .)

(please note the pictures used are the pictures from the Google )