few days back I was READING this debate between some people that they said that when in our religion women were not respected then how can we respect them in our present scenario …they meant that (with delhi ganga rape incident which took place few days back) she said when draupadi cloths were taken out in public in front of everyone even the wisest man they all watched it and dint did anything on it ……that person meant that in religion we don’t respect women so how can we do it now…that guy also said that even sita was asked to leave the palace after she was accused by public ……he said that they were treated very bad

My point was this that why is  are u relating religion incident with current incident ?????what happened at gods time was meant to happen what lord Vishnu came in form of human been to teach the coming generation or mankind  that what is wrong what is right to choose right over wrong be a better human been choose wisely take good..

what happened in Mahabharata was also important  as course of society development it taught us to keep love between brother between elders don’t cheat on your elder brother share food love and joy with each other follow your parents instruction never be greedy never gamble its not good for any man kind it makes u angry makes  your mind discipline shattered ..respect your teachers payback them with your love for them   respect women as they are the birth giving to our life they are our creator  …fight for justice fight against evil fight for truth don’t wait to …the most important thing if you do evil if u take wrong side intentionally or by mistake if u fraud your friends your brother your family your elders  harm them give them pain make them sad then god wont bless you he will curse you he will ask you you to pay for your bad sins in different ways as for karma theory what you do you will be payback in that way….

what happened in Ramayana was that it taught how loyal one should be to their parents their parents words their decision one should follow parents wish their order blindly without seeing their own faith own difficulty and send the message to other that when you make a promise to some one stand by your promise do everything right to do that promise don’t give up move back if u have taken a oath…never differentiate between rich or poor never think some one beggar or king be very generous to all mankind make everyone happy a society is not just about some section of people but a whole group of different section living in harmony and with love….it also said if you do evil work by kidnapping someone one else wife you disrespect whole women section in society no one will accept your doing and you will be paid heavily for your act so never ever ill treated a women for any reasons …it said never fight for injustice if you feel that your brothers are doing wrong you should advice him good to change his thaughts  to think wise but  if he does not then choose between right or wrong ….not everyone is bad not everyone is good what you do how you treat people how you treat nature that makes you worthy that makes you good human been….it showed to be loyal to your master care for his good everything never disobey him always think good for him always be good to his act pray god even when you are happy and even when you sad never forget the almighty when u r happy and remember him during your bad times

what happened in both different stories was that it showed that when draupadi cloths were taken off in public no one accepted it no one liked it no one supported it everyone was in silence but the god almighty helped her from this situation by elongating her sari he kept her purity even though she was insulted god helped her he send this msg that never every do such act against women the end result was that durudhan and his fellow brothers dies in the end with a painful death they were taught a lession they were given enough chances to be good again but they dint accepted it and so their end was approaching them and they died…..so evil act never end in a good result …..
what happened their was to teach the society for further generation to warn them that such bad acts wont last long enough

what happened in rammayn was that sita was accused by the kingdom people and so ram had to ask her to leave even though he knew that she was devi but he had to do it it showed that he cared for his Kingdom  more than his personal intrest this taught that a ruler shall not take decision for his perosnal intrest but for the people intrest nation comes first not family…this was also another way to make the characheter of ram and sita laxman to the end and so that lord vishnu could go back to his place in the oceans ..it was just ment to happen so that lord ram could be restored to vishnu even in mahabhart lord krishna made such a raas leela that at the end he was hit bya n arrow by a hunter and so he left the earth and went to his form of lord vishnu its all written by in god creation everything happens to his will and his teaching so we should not accuse god for anything but accept his creation accpet his teaching accpet his way accpet what he has to offer ous to what resources eh ahs given to ous and be happy with it never every ? it

even in end of raamayan devi sita when went to the earth and it made all those whoa accused her guilty and they sked her to forgive them and so did the sita did it and so what it said that all those who did injustice to her apologized to her and in the end truth wins not the evil and this was important to all in our society s o we shall not question them …even all those listener to these story while reading would feel the same way would know what’s wrong what right who did right who dint did wrong what was the end of the good act or the bad act it makes the listener make the choice to whom to follow whom to not.

everyone has evil side good side but what matters is to what an individual chose to do one personal or some person in society act does not define the whole thinking of the society ….
always take positive feed form these stories yes you can question why this happen but if you do then do find the answers your self not just blame it kiyeah hua woah hua be a mature person and act maturely ..

women in all forms are respected in our religion they are given the most respect the powerful devi to a kind hearted mother.and no human been support or appreciate an evil act against the women those who do should be found guilty and should b punished in law and will be punished in almighty court no one is escape their sins results.


(this is my personal view I am not against anyone not against any section but always think positive to every incident in life.keep my religion and society different point but work them together to make a better out of me )