just last night watched the talk with Delhi gang rape victim who survived….

after watching the delhi gang rape victim talk on news channel it felt so disgusted of some people act of cruelty…what they did to the girl and the guy…but not to miss something else also came out of the talk he said”when the criminals throw him and the girl out of bus naked and full blood body for 30 mins they were out on road and around 10 pm also no one stopped their to help them people just passed away form their and let them be in the cold pain alone their….

how shit is this act and we call our self protesters going on india gate shouting for justice blaming others breaking things asking for so and so punishment when we yourself fail to deliver when someone needed help most of us would just make it unseen why to help a naked guy? why to touch a bloody body? why let the blood go on my car seats? why do i care for him he must out there with his own mistake so he is out their naked??? its not safe to help anyone at night…… my security and staying out from troubles is more important than others………

is this how we are teached to help other…we try to run from situations and just avoid trouble even someone out their is dying in front of us we do wait and watch till thing could be controlled hopeing koi aur aajayega for help……….

shame on the society to neglect this…this not Indian values any religion teaching ….

further more in talk he said” when he reached the hospital in naked way for almost 25 mins he waited out their naked in front of everyone in lobby and when he asked for cloth to cover his body only ans he got was yes yes we will give u u wait by nurses ……is this the way one should do things …do u see a naked injured guy sitting still ignore him cant u give him some bed sheet or any thing to cover his body kya humare andar ki insaaniyat khatam ho gayi hai paise ke aage ???kaam ke aage??aage badhne ke aage???humari moral values are just for taking in granted in our minds never to be implemented ……i am so shocked to listen that this is how he was treated in hospital …..no person cared to give his own belongings or some help to guy ….why keep our eyes closed at such occasions why do we avoid trouble for ourselves ??why cant we just do a good deed in our life and help him out …..

but no when it comes to a protest to raise our voices we all come together to say yes we care we need safe place we need security we need so and so …………police don’t do their duty they are corrupt they are lazy…………before pointing other we should see ourselves how we do and what wrong we do just don’t keep the blame game…if that guy or girl could have reached on time and treated a fair way this would have not happen or worsen……

why not take strict action against all those who dint performed their duty when needed why not suspend those officials who never gave the boy some cloth any thing to cover his naked body ????why not protest against the medical staff who dint treated the guy in an injured naked stage for so long mins…??? why not socially boycott those people who watched the girl and guy naked in blood on road still drove away their car as if they would loot them kill them in that position….no one had even decency to call cops call ambulance to help them if u were not going to put the injured people in your cars….
no no no we cant reach to trouble but run away from them…..dont u see gods watching he knows who is wrong who is right who is saying truth who is lying…. don’t u fear it ….and then we call our self well respected citizen from very well valued family…….shame on that..

i am just asking why we ask system to change first when we can change ourselves first and make a difference to the society….. ..

a humble request stop making demands and protest blaming and asking for security first change our own thinking towards other towards society towards our moral values contribute to society in any way possible be a human been first than any activist or a protester. dont let your greed or problems run over your kindness care your human sole…


( i am not any govt supporter any party members any organisational part just a simple Indian who wants a better society with contribution from all people together to make it best care and love everyone never shy or run from other in need specially when they are injured in critical situation be their support because remember that
one for all
all for one



god bless you all people
thank you