Our society people appreciate the movies like gangs of wassapur its talks all over news movies like Delhi belly … People like the abuse said so much on big screen without beep full on vulgar words cheap things we whistle clap cheer wow with joy yeah …. Even media also appreciate public ally promote it ….. Tab koi yeah nahi sochta ki yeah society ko bigaad dega bad thinking for women for each other it will generate but jab koi gaane media use ya kuch karta hai toah sab gussa ho jaaye hai boycott kar dere hai dharm values yaad aajati hai. It’s so cheap yuk we start saying …. Can anyone define this why such a drastic change for 4 mins song where as movies with 530 mins have full on abuses that we don’t hear……. I just wanna know why creat such an issue this just because some mishap happened which made people aware about women concern
Plz consider it i am not any one supporter not writing anyone favor just ? It to the people for answers if have suggestion then do say it no problem ill appreciate it. ……